CSL Automation Inc. (CSL) services range from full service claims processing to desk estimating, desk review auditing to DRP networks and or claims consulting services, click the Contact link above to schedule a demo with one of our sales associates today… 

Third Party Administration

CSL provides comprehensive claims handling services. Everything from FNOL to administrative processing and customer Service interaction with your claimants. CSL has an Top Ten rating with our customer service offerings

Desk Estimating and Review

If you are in need of estimating or underwriting services CSL has them for you. With our team seasoned “Blue Print” estimators and desk review Experts with over 20 plus years of experience

DRP and Consulting Services

CSL has over 24,000 auto body repair shops nationally. With that size network we can handle your network needs. Considering restructuring or just need some Advice contact CSL to schedule an Consultation today.